When your company has a highly technical job position to fill, finding the right search consultant to help you is essential. That’s especially true now that the COVID-19 pandemic has put more people than ever back into the job market. 

The specialty chemical recruiters at Boaz Partners believe that chemical companies get better results when they work with a niche firm that focuses specifically on their industry. Here’s why:

Industry Expertise and Market Knowledge

When you’re trying to fill a technical role within a firm, it helps to have a recruiter that understands your industry’s language and jargon. A recruiter that isn’t familiar with your market’s needs is ill-positioned to conduct the kind of in-depth interviews with potential job candidates.

Specialized knowledge of the industry also helps a recruiter recognize when a candidate has valuable transferable skills — and when they do not.

Extended Reach and Better Candidates

Specialty chemical recruiters also have greater access to your industry’s top talent, including both people who are actively looking for new jobs and industry stars that are already employed somewhere else. Remember: The best candidates out there may not even be looking for work.

A good recruiter will dig deep into your company’s needs and help you define exactly what kind of candidate you’re seeking. They’ll also help you redefine how you present your company culture, which may be particularly important if you’re looking for passive talent or trying to lure a top-rated expert over to your team.

Faster Hiring and Greater Retention

Nobody has money to waste hiring and training the wrong person for a job. Companies also can’t afford to sit around with an open position very long, either, since that can cause unnecessary disruptions and delays. 

When you work with a recruiter, you know that every candidate that’s sent your way has already been heavily screened, carefully assessed, and hand-selected for the job openings you have. You don’t have to waste time or energy sifting through applications and resumes, verifying candidate qualifications, or communicating back and forth with potential hires.

The same extensive screening process that pairs the right candidate with the right position also makes it easier to retain those employees later. You’re less likely to have a new hire bounce after just a month or two on the job.

In short, working with specialty chemical recruiters is the best way to find the talent that can help your company thrive and move forward.

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