The 5 Most Important Web Pages to have on your Website

Along with compelling website design, having the right pages on your website is the best way to make a good first impression. Few people take the time to browse every page, especially on the first visit. That’s why it’s important that your site includes landing pages that attract new traffic, are search-engine friendly, and have the highest likelihood of achieving […]

What is the Best Website Platform for SEO?

If you are a business owner looking to amp up visitation to your company website, consider hiring a website design company to optimize your search engine ranking. Also known as SEO (search engine optimization), this type of digital marketing is incredibly effective and easy on the budget. Many different website platforms offer seemingly exclusive SEO apps and features. However, not […]

5 Ways to Support Business Growth With Marketing

In business, you can’t afford to stagnate. Whether you’re focused on slow, steady growth or trying to scale up on an exponential level, the point is the same: You have to keep growing if you want to do more than just survive in your market. The growth of your business may be driven by new product developments or service offerings […]

User Experience Design & SEO: Making Them Work Together

If you want to get the most click-throughs and conversions, you need to intrinsically link your user experience with your SEO. Assuming that your meta descriptions are tight and targeted, your keywords optimized and your social media content relevant to your audience, the user experience may be the one component that is lacking. Too many brands optimize their sites for […]