How food is acquired and consumed has evolved. Food is necessary for human existence, and there’s a growing demand for healthy food. People generally want to live healthier lifestyles, and that begins by eating the right kinds of food.

Additionally, the demand for convenient food delivery has increased amid COVID-19. Food technology and food delivery companies are helping to meet the increased demand.

Food Technology

Food technology is considered a branch of food science – the study of physical, biological, and chemical factors in food.

Food technology uses science-backed findings to enhance or increase food resources. Specifically, food tech applies findings to the following areas as it relates to sustenance.

  • Selection
  • Processing
  • Preservation
  • Packaging
  • Distribution
  • Safe consumption

Food technology cannot function without the invaluable data provided by food science. For example, the world has more durable food that’s healthy plus safe to eat thanks to food science and technology.

Food Delivery

When the pandemic arrived, many restaurants closed their dining rooms and focused on home delivery to generate revenue. According to Rewards Network, 42 percent of restaurants added delivery service in 2020. Demand for food delivery also surged since dine-in is no longer a safe option amid the outbreak.

More consumers prefer to order from home, and many seek healthier selections, such as gourmet food delivery. A lot of restaurants use contactless delivery options to mitigate risk and keep consumers safe. So home delivery is the logical choice.

Noteworthy Innovations in Both Sectors

Advancements in both food delivery plus food technology are critical during the pandemic and beyond.

A notable innovation in food delivery powered by technology is ‘cloud kitchens’ (or ghost kitchens). These restaurants chose to cut out expenses and embrace a virtual restaurant model, only delivering food via delivery platforms like UberEats.

In the food tech sector, one notable innovation is lab-grown meat. That used to be the stuff of science fiction, but it’s a reality today.

Several startups such as Aleph Farms, Mosa Meat, and others show promise. Lab-grown meat could be in grocery stores by 2022. Furthermore, the demand for meat around the world is expected to rise by 70 percent. Lab-grown meat may help fulfill humanity’s needs as the world population increases.

Food Tech and Food Delivery

Food tech and food delivery organizations are innovating rapidly, making headway to meet consumer demand during this time. We’d like to think we are one of them. We opened our doors in January of this year, right before COVID-19 really hit hard. Delivering a weekly, gourmet meal, hot & ready to serve in a sustainable way for our clients has never been more important. And we take that responsibility personally. – Curious Table


The growth of the human population and COVID-19 makes continued advancements in food technology and food delivery critical. Thanks to food delivery services, people can conveniently enjoy quality food at home. And with the aid of food technology, edibles are safer, healthier, accessible, and more affordable.

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