It’s possible to start a business around your passion. However, you have to decide it’s a goal worth pursuing. If you want to live life on your terms, you must do the work necessary to reach that level – success is a process. Figuring out your passion and focussing on honing your skills is part of the journey.

How to Find Your Passion

Look inside yourself. What is the thing that makes you enthusiastic or excited just thinking about it? If you don’t feel any emotion towards something, then it’s probably not your passion. And it doesn’t have to be a particular task or job. You can be passionate about operating a business.

However, being passionate doesn’t mean you have to be joyful all the time. It just means you’re doing something enjoyable right now. Life is a journey, and staying stuck on one thing isn’t growth; it’s stagnation.

Here are some additional questions that may help you identify your passion.

  • What do you already love doing?
  • What did you like doing in high school?
  • What kind of books do you love reading?
  • When was the last time you felt super-excited about something you did?

These questions should get your mind flowing. You can also find a mentor for guidance.

Starting Your Business

Once you’ve identified your passion, the next step is to build a business around it.

First, think about the products or services you’ll sell. Each of your offerings must have a steady demand in the marketplace.

Second, evaluate the number of competitors in the marketplace to assess potential visibility. In other words, can you cut through the noise? A saturated industry can increase the time and resources it’ll take for your business to succeed.

Third, think about how you’ll deliver your offerings to consumers. Consider the costs involved and weigh that against projected profits. For example, it’s not good if your product costs $100 to manufacture and deliver to consumers, but you can only sell it for $105. That’s a five percent product margin, which is terrible.

The final step is to launch. You’ll probably have to register a business name, handle brand identity, and other necessities. As long as the first three steps are well thought out, the rest becomes a bit easier.

Uncertainty and Fear Are Good

There’s plenty to do when starting a business. It’ll take courage, discipline, and hard work, but you can do it. Fear and uncertainty will always be there, so don’t try to rid yourself of those. Instead, stick to controlling what you can, which is your actions or response to situations. 

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