It is a competitive world where acquiring new customers and retaining them is a continuous process. The last thing you want is to lose your clients because they wouldn’t get in touch with someone at your business to address their concerns in real-time. Having a reliable and smart communication system can’t be emphasized enough. 

The NEC SL2100 phone system can be a game-changer for your small or medium-sized business. It gives you access to the latest and advanced VoIP and other technologies. The platform supports a wide range of communication tools, allowing your workforce team members to stay connected and reachable when needed. 

Read on to find out whether the SL2100 communication system is right for your business.

Here are the impressive aspects of the NEC SL2100 system.


The NEC SL2100 comes designed with a large selection of decent features, which other telephone systems require purchasing separately. The built-in features will save you a considerable amount of money on licenses, hardware, and other related options. 

That’s not the only way this system is cost-effective, though. With the UNIVERGE ST500 Smartphone Client and Mobile Extension, you could also make extra savings on mobile charges. Users outside their working environments can make calls via their mobile devices when connected to a Wi-Fi network. 

Better yet, the system requires low IT maintenance, thus may save your business from incurring massive downtime costs.

Unified Communications

Businesses can significantly benefit from the NEC’s SL2100 unified communications, mostly thanks to the InUC and WebRTC features. These features encourage user engagement and collaboration. Therefore, they can help improve productivity.

To be precise, the InUC’s allows your team to share updates and documents, keeping everyone up-to-date. WebRTC, on the other hand, enables users to hold video conferences from any location. 

Voice mail, auto-attendant, music on hold, and audio conferencing are also available on the IP phones and handsets. 


The NEC SL2100 communication platform is scalable. It can be expanded to adapt to your business upgrades or growth demands. This capability gives your business operational agility. 

Work Flexibility 

As mentioned earlier, the NEC SL2100 is mobile extension friendly. With Digital Enhanced Cordless Technology (DECT) mobile handsets, users remain connected and reachable via a single number. 

You will never miss an important call. Your team can attend to customers even when they are not in the office. Authorized members outside the premises can use the Smartphone SIP App to stay connected via the internet, either through a Wi-Fi or Mobile Data Network. 

In case of a poor network connection, there’s a roaming option. You just route the calls to your Global System for Mobile (GSM) number. 

Premises-Based Solutions

If you’re looking for an excellent alternative option to a hosted solution, you cannot go wrong with the NEC SL2100 phone system. Gravitating towards a premises-based system has its advantages, including reducing or eliminating the recurring subscriptions associated with cloud services. 


The phone system does not require an external PC or server. What’s more, it is designed with a Toll Fraud Guard, preventing any malicious attempt at gaining unlawful remote access to the system. 

There’s also the MyCalls Call Recorder, which can help prove what someone said if a dispute arises. 

All these features can go a long way in protecting you against potentially huge costs. 

Final Word 

As you can see, this platform combines cutting-edge features, which can help your business to make the cut. And, you enjoy all these at an affordable price. So, the communication system is worth the investment.   

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