Fishbowl warehouse management is a software that helps small and midsize companies manage complex business operations. The platform consists of two main functions, Fishbowl inventory management, and manufacturing. According to the company, Fishbowl is the #1 requested warehouse inventory management and manufacturing solution for QuickBooks. 

Fishbowl Warehouse Management Capabilities

Fishbowl warehouse management seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks. It can automatically generate Purchase Orders and bill QuickBooks whenever new products are ordered. Products can be received by scanning each one with a wireless mobile device before being stored in your warehouse.

With Fishbowl warehouse management manufacturing features, you can create multiple Work Orders and bills concerning materials for handling complex jobs under a Manufacture Order.

Whenever a Sales Order arrives, you can use Fishbowl to choose, pack, and ship products to the customer. Fishbowl automatically generates and sends an invoice to QuickBooks while ensuring the financial data is updated when products are sold.

Additionally, you can extend the capabilities of your software with LilyPad for Fishbowl. It provides several simple and effective enhancement options for Fishbowl users. The software makes things like offline mode, online store integration, advanced tracking, custom reporting, and more possible.

“LilyPad offers the greatest flexibility and functionality to maximize your Fishbowl investment” – LilyPad for Fishbowl.

Notable Fishbowl Features

Fishbowl inventory management and manufacturing has many features that can help you save time and streamline business operations. Therefore, decreasing your operating costs.

Here are some super helpful features, though not a limited list.

  • Instant Updates – You can view updates in real-time. For example, you can instantly see users’ changes whenever several people are logged into Fishbowl simultaneously. That should help prevent costly errors, such as accidentally placing duplicate orders.
  • Search Function – Quickly find the right part by searching for it using the description or part number when placing orders or performing other related tasks. The search function isn’t limited to parts search either; it can also be used in other areas.
  • Custom Fields – This lets you add custom fields to modules, such as products, customers, vendors, parts, and RMAs (return merchandise authorization). You can modify Fishbowl to store data the exact way desired.
  • Cycle Counting – No more shutting down your warehouse for a few days to count inventory. ‘Fishbowl Go’ lets you perform cycle counts using a wireless handheld device. If any discrepancy is found, you can immediately update records.
  • Payments – If you utilize a drop shipping model, Fishbowl lets you accept down payments and other payment forms from the customer. This can be done while your customer waits for transaction completion and product delivery.

Fishbowl Inventory and Manufacturing

Fishbowl is user-friendly and affordably handles many warehouse inventory management and manufacturing processes in ways that help organizations save money. Best of all, if you’re already familiar with QuickBooks, there’s no need to learn a new system. The integration between Fishbowl and QuickBooks is seamless.

All information is fed to QuickBooks in real-time while the platform handles your company’s warehouse, inventory, and manufacturing needs. Even bookkeeping and accounting are simplified when you use Fishbowl warehouse management software.

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