If you are a business owner looking to amp up visitation to your company website, consider hiring a website design company to optimize your search engine ranking. Also known as SEO (search engine optimization), this type of digital marketing is incredibly effective and easy on the budget.

Many different website platforms offer seemingly exclusive SEO apps and features. However, not every one of these is equally effective. And, the price point can differ significantly from one to the next. So, how do you get the most cost and SEO-effective website design? 

Numerous blogs will suggest platforms like Wix, Squarespace, or GoDaddy for building your website. All of these platforms offer affordable design and ease-of-access solutions that make creating a visually appealing website easy. However, there is only one web platform that has consistently proven to be the best solution for increasing SEO, and that is WordPress.

Why WordPress?

The first thing to know about the WordPress platform is that it is self-hosted. Essentially, this means you will be the one hosting or creating and maintaining your website from your own private server. Although this requires more work on the part of the business owner, it is well worth it.

WordPress has thousands of unique apps and features that you can use to make your website more user-friendly. For instance, WordPress offers eCommerce, contact forms, Google analytics, live chat, and social media options. Additionally, you can customize your website so that it is available in multiple languages. 

With so many options, there are also some great SEO-based tools available through WordPress. The SEMRush Writing Tool is an incredibly effective add-on that allows your web designers or writers to create a high-ranking article that Google and other search engines will love. Using focus keywords, this tool gives you the advantage of high rankings among the top search results on the web.

Another great tool available through WordPress is Yoast. Not only does this add-on provide a sort of SEO checklist. It also helps you or your writers make sure the article’s readability is up to Google standards. By far, Yoast and SEMRush are two of the best SEO tools on the market. And both are available through WordPress! Please keep in mind that some add-ons may require additional paid memberships in order to access them via WordPress.

Additional Options to Ask Your Website Design Company About

Constant Contact Website Building is another great platform to use specifically for building a high-ranking website. The most significant difference between this one and WordPress is that Constant Contact is not self-hosted. 

This platform provides its customers with 24/7 technical and web design support and offers features like logo creator, website analytics, and eCommerce. If you do mind having a little less creative control over your website, Constant Contact might be a better option! While it does not have as many features as WordPress, this platform will help you easily create a website with additional features that make SEO possible!

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